6 Tips for Healthier Skin

Skin care is an important part of any beauty regimen. After all, it’s one of the first places where people begin to show age. In this article, you’ll learn our tips for healthier skin, which include things like washing your face, eating the proper diet, and getting enough sleep. As well, you’ll learn about some of the products we offer on our online store, which are designed to have you looking and feeling your absolute best. Wash Your Face This is the simplest tip on this list, but it’s also the most important. Washing your face is the foundation that all other skin care routines are built atop of. We recommend washing your face twice a day: once in the...

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What Men need To Know About Growing And Grooming A Beard

29 July 2019|Beard Growth, beauty, Hair, Loving yourself, men grooming Recently, black men in sports, music and film -- like James Harden, Drake and Idris Elba -- have redefined beard style and given an underrepresented group of men the confidence to embrace their facial hair, says Neville Hall, the co-owner of beard care products retailer Bold Beardsmen. But black men with beards isn't a new trend. "It's something that speaks to our heritage," says Hall. "The hair on our heads has always been our crown, but growing a beard is a stepping stone to becoming a man."   The skincare needs and problems for black men with beards are unique, however, Hall says men have started taking beard  maintenance and...

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