To take care of your flawless facial skin it is a must to use a good quality, high-end face serum. But you’re skin complexion should also be considered during the selection process. Because of the serum doesn't go hand in hand with you’re complexion then your facial beauty will be ruined (you may look like Charlie Chaplin from the 80’s all black and white in this colored era.) to be on top of your beauty game, selecting good quality serum based on your skin type is a must (URBAN ELITE BEAUTY’S 24K MIRACLE MOISTURE SERUM  CAN HELP YOU WITH  YOUR PROBLEM.

To select a good quality face serum you should be able to know the skin type or skin complexion that you fall into. If you are someone who is still struggling to find their skin complexion then let me help you. here is how you can identify your skin type with scientifically proven methods. 

Both your skin tone and type play a role in your overall complexion or the look and feel of your skin. Getting to know these factors can help ensure you find the right skincare products and makeup to enhance your skin's condition. While everyone is different, certain categories of skin tone and type can apply to just about anyone. 

One widely accepted classification of skin tone is the Fitzpatrick skin type test. Based on the skin's reaction to sun exposure, this system classifies skin tones into 6 basic categories:

  • Type I: Light skin that always burns and never tans.
  • Type II: Fair skin that usually burns, then tans.
  • Type III: Medium skin that may burn, but tans well.
  • Type IV: Olive skin that rarely burns and tans well.
  • Type V: Tan-brown skin that very rarely burns and tans well.
  • Type VI: Black-brown skin that never burns and tans very well.

Variances in each of these 6 basic classifications of skin tone occur in the form of skin undertones. Whether you have very fair or dark skin, there is an undertone to your coloring that is either warm, cool, or neutral.

  • Warm Undertones: The veins on the insides of your wrists have a purple-bluish hue, you look best in gold jewelry and your skin tends to get a golden or honey color from sun exposure.
  • Cool Undertones: The veins on the insides of your wrists have a green-bluish hue, you look best in silver jewelry and your skin tends to burn or gets a rosy color from sun exposure.
  • Neutral Undertones: It's hard to tell if the veins on the insides of your wrists appear more purple or green, gold and silver jewelry are equally complimentary and your tan as well as the burn from sun exposure.

Skin types refer to the condition or feel of your skin. Skin types vary based on water content, oil content, and sensitivity. Regardless of skin tone and undertones, just about everyone's skin can be categorized based on these factors.

  • Normal Skin: Not too oily or too dry with few or no imperfections, an even complexion, and no sensitivity.
  • Combination Skin: Can be oily in some areas, like the T-zone, and dry in others with overly dilated pores and a shiny complexion.
  • Oily Skin: Oily all over with enlarged pores and a thick, shiny complexion that is prone to blackheads and breakouts.
  • Dry Skin: Allover dryness with a rough, reddish complexion, almost no visible pores, less elasticity, and more visible lines. 
  • Sensitive Skin: Easily irritated skin that shows up in the form of redness, itching, burning, or dryness.

To figure out the tone and type of your individual complexion, start by looking at which of the six basic skin tones from The Fitzpatrick scale you identify with the most. Then use the vein and jewelry test to figure out which undertones apply to your skin.

Once you know your coloring, examine the condition of your skin without makeup. Look for indications of the skin types listed above. Your skin type can differ slightly based on both age and environmental factors. Anyone going through puberty will likely have more oily, breakout-prone skin. Harsh weather conditions such as cold winter winds tend to make the skin more dry and prone to redness. Examine your skin during spring or fall to get the best feel for its natural condition.

Now the above mentioned scientific proven method can be used to find your skin complexion. After knowing your skin type it will be a piece of cake to select a good quality face serum.

Selection of face serum and their advantages goes hand in hand. so here is the information regarding that

  • SERUMS ARE THE BEST MOISTURISERS”  I know I know that's what moisturizers are supposed to do but serums are so thin that they can basically penetrate your skin pores and help you moisturize your skin to a whole new level.  especially urban elite beauty’s 24k miracle moisture serum. They are by far the best serum producers in the game.

  • The skin absorbs the essences of serum more rapidly and effectively rather than a store-bought moisturizer

  • They hydrate your skin to an elite level the more hydrated your skin is younger you are gonna look. (duh, sign me up for this ) 

  • It gives a fresh glow to your face making your beauty game on point 

  • They leave less residue on your face as they are less greasy than any other  product in the market

They are by far the cost-effective product  giving quality look to you at a low price


If  you are suffering from dark spots on your face for ages or decades then serums should be the go-to skincare products in your daily routine your face would be glowing up after serum enzymes penetrate your pore and clean your dark spot cells 


Blemishes basically create ruckus in your life. There are a thousand types of blemishes like spots, decolorization, bla ,bla ,bla (you know your struggles of blemishes).serum can curb this ruckus to along extent


Hydration is an important aspect of your beauty game to a long extend. Hydrated skin means healthy skin, healthy skin means a healthy body, and a healthy body means beautiful life. 


Some people tend to have an irritating skin than their counterparts. Irritation can differ from person to person and vary according to the various condition the skin has been introduced to

Introducing a good serum-based routine in your life can benefit your youthfulness period.



Serums play an important role in any plump looking skincare routine. Serum quickly absorbs the impurities underneath your facial tissues thus revealing the plumpness and plushness of your facial skin. After just two weeks of urban elite beauty's 24k miracle moisture serum, you can see a reduction in your impurities in skin to a long extend. .

Look for anti-acne ingredients: 

Salicylic acid, retinol, or benzoyl peroxide are potent anti-acne ingredients that help heal existing acne while reducing redness and skin inflammation.

 Try serums loaded with Vitamin C: 

Continuous sun exposure, inadequate sleep, or poor genetics can cause your skin to look dull. It is here that a Vitamin C-rich serum will neutralize these free radicals in your skin, thus giving you a fresh, radiant glow.

 Look for revitalizers: 

A serum loaded with a revitalizing agent such as Arbutin is great for brightening and evening out your skin tone. It will help ward off dark spots, giving you an overall brighter complexion.

 Go for both daytime and night-time serums: 

The reason you need a daytime serum is that it is less concentrated, which addresses your worries about sun exposure. On the contrary, a night-time serum is much more concentrated, and its ingredients start taking effect while you’re deep into your beauty sleep.

How to apply face serum? 

# 1: Always remember to wash your face using a gentle face wash or scrub before you lather a face serum on your skin. Cleansing your face before applying a serum removes superficial dirt, oil, and grime from the skin’s surface. 

#2: Take a coin-sized amount and gently massage it on your chin, forehead, nose, and cheeks in small, circular motions.

# 3: The trick to knowing how to use a face serum is to check for its consistency. If you are using a thinner serum, you only need a teensy amount. It will quickly seep into your epidermis. Take a tiny drop and gently rub it in an upward motion onto your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin area.

# 4: When using denser serums, take a few drops into your palm and rub your hands together. Upon doing so, the serum will be evenly distributed on your palms, which you can then gently massage onto your face. Use gentle pressing movements and evenly apply the serum on your forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks.

# 5: After applying the serum on your face, run your fingers on your cheeks in small, circular motions. This will help your facial skin to absorb the serum deeply.

# 6: If you happen to have sensitive or dry skin, use a moisturizer after applying your face serum. 




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