Exfoliate Combo
Cleanse & Exfoliate Combo - Urban Elite Beauty
Cleanse & Exfoliate Combo - Urban Elite Beauty

Cleanse & Exfoliate Combo

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Our two cleansing options in one combo.  Face and body covered - check! 

Elite Miracle Cleanser: Offers natural amino acid cleansing power with skin conditioners and moisturizers for a BALANCED cleansing.  Dull, uneven skin tones can make the skin look older... adding the right facial cleanser is key to new cell growth while prepping your skin to absorb the benefits of your daily skincare routine.  Releases as a velvety soft, disappearing foam.  150ML

Elite Exfoliating Coffee Bean Soap: Handmade and infused with dark roast coffee, a wonderful exfoliant that's great for your skin. Creates a fantastic clean smelling lather and leaves your skin feeling SO soft due to added coconut oil.  Great for your full body in a refreshing shower, but gentle enough for your face. 2.5 oz. size

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