What is the best method for maintaining balanced skin?

Answer: The ideal method for maintaining balanced skin is keeping a consistent skin care routine and avoiding harsh chemicals that can strip the skin and create more blemishes. Additionally, a diet rich in water, fresh fruits and vegetables and low in preservatives is also important.

What is the proper order in which to apply skincare?

Answer: Ideally skincare should be applied to a clean canvas - i.e. make sure your skin is free of makeup and other things that layer on the skin. I personally use skin care products right after the shower (once I have cooled down) or before bed after washing my face. This way the absorption is ideal and helps penetrate deep into skin layers.

What are the main ingredients every 20-something should make sure are present in their skincare routine?

Answer: Sunscreen and moisturizer, vitamin C and E extract. Try 24K Miracle Moisture Serum for daily and night use on your face.

Is 24K Miracle Moisture Serum just as effective if you are 20, 30 or 40 and up?

Answer: Absolutely! Urban Elite Beautys' Skincare is specially formulated to work with you as your skin is changing and therefore addresses a variety of concerns because of the potent actives and clean formulations in the integrity of the ingredients.

How often should we exfoliate our skin? What is the best way to do it?

Answer: Exfoliation is ideal 1-3x/week max. I do recommend a good scrub, make sure you adhere to the recommended weekly use, because it can actually cause more breakouts and damage your skin if you over do it. You want to exfoliate but not strip the skin of necessary balance.

Is it important to moisturize the entire body?

 Answer: For sure. Just as your face becomes dry the body feels the effects of the elements. Additionally, we often use harsher soaps on the body and sweat in certain areas making the skin more rough and with dry patches. Moisturizing not only helps maintain body elasticity but improves skin tone for a more even look.


What are the benefits of caring for your skin on a long term level?

 Answer: Prevents aging, allows you to utilize less makeup and certainly boosts confidence. Additionally, we see fewer fine lines/wrinkles in women and men who take care of their skin regularly.


What are the top things to consider when choosing a skincare line to use?

Answer: I think the skincare line should be made of high quality ingredients that each serve a specific purpose. Skin care lines should also be free of chemicals, paraben preservatives, and dyes. This is extremely important because so much research shows us that chemicals can negatively affect both the outer skin and also or hormonal system. Additionally, I think using a skincare line like the 24K Miracle Moisture Luxury Skincare Collection that is easy to follow is important, just a few simple steps not 20 things. 


Can a skincare really be for all skin types?

 Answer: While I believe some products suit certain skin types more than others, all skin can be treated with a product like 24K Miracle Moisture Serum because it is so effective yet formulated without harsh chemicals and focuses also on re-balancing skin, so it is really ideal for any and almost all skin types.