About Us

Urban Elite Beauty offers an assortment of decadent, anti-aging products for men & women. The carefully curated line is dedicated to improving skin and amplifying beauty. Urban Elite Beauty is dedicated to affordable options to create flawless, healthy skin. The beauty line's website also offers special sections on beauty education, such as a feature piece on tips for sweat-proof makeup.

I spent many years as an admission counselor at several beauty schools, helping men and women get education and licensing in cosmetology and barbering.  I now want to offer everyone the opportunity to access quality skincare products to use on a daily basis to enhance their skin. 

 I created a formula that is helping thousands of people across the world with skincare issues such as hyperpigmentation, problems with dark circles under their eyes, fine lines and more! We offer an array of products which includes a face, hands and neck serum, collagen face mask, collagen under eye mask, moisturizing lip balms and more!