Skincare routines are the small efforts that you take to maintain your everlasting youth. how beautiful or elegant you look if you are an individual who doesn't give pennyworth attention to your skin then your everlasting youth(that most of us, wish for) will wither away as most trees wither away in autumn.

Basically in our 20’s it is a little bit easy to screw things up and still take minimal damage from it, but what if you messed up your skin-care routine and ended up getting scared on your face?, what if you messed up your face by experimenting with all the harm full products that some random cheapskate company offered you (and you took the offer cause its cheap, dough 20's are all about living life king size in cheapness, am I right?) would you believe if I told you that there is a company that offers quality, luxurious product at a pocket-friendly price!! 

Yes, I am not joking!! Urban elite beauty  is the company you are looking for. Not only they are pocket-friendly but providing luxury along with quality is their goal. (not many companies deliver as they have promised nowadays) 

After buying all these skincare products you might be wondering is there any routine that I can follow to get the full benefit of the products that I have bought? As most people say 20's are all about making mistakes and learning from them. But what if I said that I have a skincare routine within my grasp that gonna show you wonder!!! 

Yes here is the best skincare routine that you cannot possibly find anywhere else.

Before I spill you my secret let us see what does a skincare routine means ( a little knowledge won't hurt anybody right?)


They are basically the steps or regiments you follow to take care of your skin. A good skincare routine will help you maintain your facial beauty. So having a healthy routine is a must.

Now after knowing about what is a skincare routine you must be eager to know about the basic procedures that make a skincare routine. Here are the basic steps for a good skincare routine.

The key to giving your mature skin a youthful and radiant appearance is to form a solid skincare routine that caters to your aging skin. And this is where we come in! There are some easy ways to help care for mature skin when you're in your 40s and 50s—and we're not just talking about the basics like face moisturizers and under-eye pack which you likely already know. Make sure the following anti-aging steps are part of your skincare routine ASAP! 

  • “Cleaning” is the name of the game.

Regardless of your skin type or skincare concerns, daily cleansing is always a must. But if you have visibly aging skin, reach for a nourishing cream cleanser rather than a foaming one. As skin matures, it loses moisture, nutrients, and natural oils, resulting in skin that looks—and feels—drier. A creamy cleanser can help replenish moisture to the surface of your skin for a fresh look! (who doesn’t love a fresh face.) 

The URBAN ELITE BEAUTY’S PRODUCT  are formulated with replenishing oils and gently removes all traces of makeup. Cleanse without over-drying for softer, smoother, more supple skin. Every morning and evening, lather the cleanser in wet hands before gently massaging it onto the skin. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 

  • Elixir to your skin problems...

Ya the answer for your maximum skin related problems is a good quality serum. If you are in your 20's or your 40's they help you nurture your skin Urban elite beauty’s serum As you age, cell regeneration can slow down, causing a decrease in your skin’s overall vitality and radiance. Skin instantly feels smoother and softer and appears refreshed after using this non-greasy, lightweight serum, while skin feels firmer and renewed with continued use over time. Apply the serum to cleansed skin morning and night.

: As women mature, their skin is gradually depleted of essential nutrients, which results in less-hydrated skin. Additionally, with years of environmental damage—like the sun’s aging rays—skin can become dull and parched and lose its resilience. This serum helps to replenish the skin’s protective moisture barrier and helps skin look more radiant. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, which helps to replenish moisture for softer, more supple skin. 

Apply it on freshly cleansed skin before moisturizing, morning and night. When you’re in a rush, you can also use it as a lightweight alternative to moisturizer. Place two to three drops in your hand and gently smooth it over your entire face and neck until thoroughly absorbed.

  • Remember “silky skin = moisturize”

If you have mature skin, try using a moisturizer that’s formulated to revive your skin tone and stimulate skin cell renewal, like the Urban elite beauty’s serum In addition to the above, this lightweight cream has a pink hue that helps bring back skin's natural rosy look that often gets lost as skin ages.

When you apply your facial moisturizer in the morning and evening (atop your serum and underneath your makeup), don’t stop at your jawline—moisturize your neck and chest area, too. Think about it: This area is just as prone to becoming dry and showing signs of fine lines, so it’s important to protect and prevent.

A face serum is considered to be the best moisturizer you could have .they hydrate and replenishes your oxygen-depleted skin, making you look younger as days go by. (looking younger as days goes by is our goal, right?) 

  • Mask – the repairer.

Don’t forget to show your eye area some love, too! Choose an eye mask that addresses the visible signs of skin aging you see around your eyes, whether that’s visible dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, or under-eye bags. TryURBAN ELITE BEAUTY’S EYE MASKS, which can help immediately hydrate your skin, increase radiance, and diminish the look of dark circles, under-eye bags, and wrinkles with continued use over time.

Apply a small amount around your entire eye area using your fingertips and pat gently until thoroughly absorbed. Use morning and night.

  • Sun rays – the destroyer.

Sun protection is one surefire way to keep your skin looking as young as possible. The sun is responsible for so much of your skin’s visible signs of aging that sun damage gets its own special category in dermatology: photoaging.

The sun’s UV rays can cause aging by:

  • breaking down collagen and causing abnormalities in elastin, leading to thinner skin and wrinkles
  • causing uneven pigmented patches to develop

So use sunscreen, and not just for the beach — use it every day. A daily application of a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen can fade age spots, improve skin texture, and flatten out wrinkles by 20 percent in only three months, according to a recent study trusted Source. The researchers suggest that it’s because sunscreen lets the skin take a break from being continually battered by UV rays, so its own powerful regenerative abilities have a chance to work.

Not sure which sunscreen to buy? Try Urban elite beauty’s, which is also recommended by many of our customers. 

  • For a kiss worthy lips

Who doesn't like to be kissed with a plush, velvety lip (and as we are in our 20's there is no scarcity of action that we get right?) if we don’t go for lip balms then this dream of yours will be shattered like a house of cards. Yes, you heard it right, lip balms can solve most of your lip related problems overnight. Who in this Goddamn world wouldn’t like juicy pink lips. Lip balms can bring out the juicy lips by eliminating the moisture in your lips making it look more fuller .moisture is your enemy for attaining juicy-lucy lips. If you are observing that pink color running away from your lips making it look dry as a sand grainy too do consider using! URBAN ELITE BEAUTY’S 24K MIRACLE MOISTURE LIP BALM  

Best in the game for color retention!!!

For all the people who look 30’s in their 20’s lip balms can be your fairy Godmother who can grant your wish for a youthful, plumpy, filled lips. Due to the rehydration process happening during its application the wrinkles and flakiness on your lips will be banished from your lip making it look fuller. (that doesn’t mean that you use it once and the youthfulness and plushness of your lips gonna remain intact. Using balms periodically is the key. Follow it as your regimen or your faith).  

Get your beauty sleep 

In addition to daily sun protection and proper cleansing, another good practice to begin in your 20s isn’t just beneficial for your skin. Sleeping on your back rather than on your sides and stomach is better for your skin. Obviously, the most important aspect of “beauty sleep” is getting a consistent 6-8 hours nightly, but if you absolutely can’t stand sleeping on your back or need to sleep on your sides for health reasons, invest in a silk pillowcase to alleviate irritation and fabric creasing against your skin.  

Focus on your food

As much as we all hate to admit it, what you put on your skin isn't nearly as important as what you're putting in your body daily. As collagen and elastin production begins to slow in your mid-20s the food (and alcohol) you're consuming regularly will start to show its effect on your skin, so this is the best time to create well-rounded eating habits. Healthy fats obtained from nuts, fish, avocados, and olive oil are essential to a healthy complexion, as is drinking plenty of water every day and eating leafy greens. Your 20s are also when doctors recommend the beginning of yearly physicals and blood panels, which is especially helpful in keeping an eye on any vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Discuss your potential need for any supplements to complement your diet with your doctor.  


'20s is all about enjoying and gathering memories in your life. Why not make good memories with your skin and your beauty and this dream of yours will be fulfilled by

Urban elite beauty

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